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My honest thoughts about Eunhae

In my opinion, they are one of the few pairings i ship that i actually see as more than friends. “Real” if you want to call it that.

That’s not to say i think that either of of them is actually gay and they are in that kind of relationship (i haven’t slipped into that much delusion - yet)

Eunhae for me is just so complicated. It’s hard for me to try to sort out my honest thoughts about them and what my shipper heart says, especially when i don’t think the boys are completely sure either.

Confused? well so am i. Let me try to clear it up the best i can.

They seem like the honest to God care about each other. (Not saying it’s not like that with all of Suju, just especially them) It’s in the way they look at each other, they way they talk about and to one another, and all the little things they do. Even anyone who doesn’t ship them could see the concrete friendship there. I’m sure it’s love-maybe not the romantic kind-but undeniably love. But then again, what do i know?

Fanservice. Ugh. probably what screws with my mind and perception the most. There has to be some kind of feelings involved. How else could they get on their knees infront of each other, halfway strip one another, or all the other sexual innuendos they do without having some kind of thought about it? Seriously, if you were a guy, how would you feel seeing someone get down on their knees for you? And similarly, how could you get on your knees for someone if you didn’t know exactly what you were doing or how it would be perceived?

IDK. that picture just seems oddly erotic to me.

It's blurry, but you get the point.

Okay, enough about the hardcore fan service. It hurts my head to write about. and all this down on your knees stuff is making me think of all the Eunhae porn i’ve read

I think they must get curious sometimes. They’ve been together for so long, and have such a deep relationship, it’s natural to wonder every now and then… But do i think they’ll ever do anyhing about it? Not really. I don’t think either of them would risk their friendship over something as silly as curiosity. (not to mention, they’re IDOLS in KOREA. It would not be looked kindly upon)

So in the end, do i think they’ll get married someday and live happily ever after? No. But if they do, i’ll probably be supportive.

I’d like to think that even after Super Junior is a mere memory ~a fond memory, but a memory nonetheless~ they’ll both find women to make them happy and marry her. But i think Eunhae will stick together, just content to be part of each other’s lives. That’s a good enough happily ever after for them.

Hey there guys, guess what? i actually wrote something yesterday! shocking right? I'm not going to post it for a few days because there are still things i need to work out, but still. I guess since it was Eunhae day, i decided i better write something for my OTP. ^^

ps, under the cut is some Eunhae picspam even if you don't care about my opinion. -_~

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This is a message i got on Tumblr (where i originally posted this~minus the pic spam) about what i wrote. i think it's just too precious not to share. =/

I Found your honest opinion on Eunhae really sentimental and emotionally touching.

I, myself, love Eunhae <3 so I took the time to read your opinion and when I finished it - reality hit me. I wanted to start crying because it was then that I realized that some day Eunhae will find wives of their own, and not that they will forget of each other but I never really put thought into what I thought of their Friendship... I guess a part of me really wants for them to grow old together. I don't ever want them to grow up... besides, Eunhyuk's given Disney name IS Peter Pan.

In a way, I really wish that Eunhae was more than what they have, and that's saying a lot because they care for each other like no other human being can ever lay eyes on...

Thank you for the opinion you gave. I believe this was supposed to be the main purpose. Thank you.


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